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Your privacy is important to us and this website. Following are the only information that is required for this website's internal process bonded by the privacy policy.

Cookie Use

A cookie is a part of website's data and is stored locally (to the user's device). The cookies from this website are only used and utilized for the user's experience and system performance. Cookies will be removed once the user closes the browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft's Internet Explorer).

External Websites

There are some external websites that are suggested by the author. Please consider reading the other websites' policy since this website and the author do not have any ties of any kind to the mentioned websites.

Financial Information

There are some parts of this website that will require the user to input their financial information. It will be the user's discretion to put the complete information or replace it with non-factual information.

This privacy policy may change without prior notice to the users.

Terms of Use

The terms and conditions described here constitute a legal agreement ("Agreement") between the website's owner and the user (sometimes referred to as "you", "your", "he/she", "his/her", "they", "system user").

The intention of the website's author is to help the users to manage their personal finances and is free of charge. The system user must understand the risk of their personal identity online if ever he or she has decided to fully enter their personal information (financial or non-financial).

By accepting the terms of use, the user will adhere and allow the website owner on the following conditions:

  1. The user will allow the website to save cookies in the user's device where the website is being accessed. The website will set to remove all cookies upon closing of the website browser.
  2. The user agrees not to use the website for their own business or similar doings without the written consent and approval of the website's author.
  3. The author has the right remove, revoke, refuse, and terminate the user's registration/access anytime if the user is found out suspicious of unauthorized system access, abusive, or illegal use as per the existing law of the country from website's access location.
  4. The user agrees to secure their access and update their own data on a regular basis where the website owner have the right to purge, remove, clean and fix the user's data if required without the user's consent.
  5. The user agrees to allow the owner of the website to view or investigate their data through administrator access.

These terms of use may change without prior notice to the users.


This website and the owner will not guarantee the accuracy of the information generated by the website - Including exchange rates, account balances, financial reports, data charts, budget data and other financial information.

Every article, content, help documents etc. are published by the website's author intended for the user's informational purposes. The website and owner will not be held liable to any systems errors, inaccuracy of the information generated, omission, deletion, system fault and inability to provide. Also, the website and the owner will not be liable to any business loss, injury, or property damages direct or indirect cause by the information from the website.

Website's content guaranteed to be original; however, kindly let us know if you believe that some part infringes your copyright by sending us e-mail. Send us your proof to support your infringement claim and we will remove it as soon as possible. To reach us, please visit the contact link.

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